Personal Branding Tip: How to Tell Your Story in an Interview

Personal branding is about creating and spreading your image as a high quality product, and build a reputation.  Personal branding helps people to establish a presence among targeted customers and audiences.

Interviews are Powerful Vehicles for Personal Branding:

To create a good personal branding strategy, you need to tell your success story through interview in impressive, elegant, informative and positive ways.

To tell your story in an interview, you must follow some important steps:

  1. You should remember that “FIRST IMPRESSION LAST LONG” So, create positive felling among the targeted people at the time of interview and it will have to affect the minds of the people no doubt. 
  2. Tell your story always smiling, this will connect you quickly with your interviewer
  3. Show your unique personality at the time of telling your story. Just be yourself. Moreover, you will have to express your outstanding talents and experiences to brand yourself of high quality.
  4. Never be afraid of asking various questions to interviewers. You must show your thoughtful appearance. Prove yourself as an authentic and tremendous person.
  5. You should be inspiring person among others to brand yourself appropriately.  So, tell your story through inspiration, wit and personality.
  6. At the time of telling your story through interview, you should use your business card, interesting cover letter, referential documents, portfolios of your successful projects and other supported deeds
  7. To tell about yourself as a brand, you would need to share your successful experiences with your customers, giving relevant examples.
  8. Be emotional. Emotions helps you to connect with people, so tell your story emotionally also.  
  9. Blow your interviews mind with an impressive body language and good image at the time of the interview. 

In fact, personal branding is a strong vehicle to introduce yourself in this competitive market

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