Pros and Cons of Quitting your Current Job

Have you been suffering because of your current boring job? Are you not happy with you job at all? Are you not earning enough amount to support you and your family? Are you not getting any learning experience in your current profession? Are you being underestimated by your colleagues or boss in the office?

If this is your situation, maybe is a good moment to quit your current job.  However, before quitting your current job, you should consider many things.

Why are you deciding to Quit your Current Job?

Every job does not determine same satisfaction or happiness. And some jobs can destroy your career and your life, if you settle your life for mediocrity. It is important point that you enjoy your current job. If not, maybe you should be give up to get better one. On the other hand, if you quit your current job, you might need to study your financial situation. You will lose your control of your finances in order to maintain you and your family.  So, before quitting job, you need to think about your future financial situation. So, think again before deciding to give up current job and consider both sides,  advantages and disadvantages.

This article can help you to decide whether or not you should quit your current job. Some pros and cons of quitting your current job are described below for you:

Pros of Quitting your Current Job:

Sometimes employees want to give up their jobs because they want to reduce unlimited stress. They might think their lifes and careers will be destroyed if they continue in that painful job. Reason why you might decide to quit are because of:

  1. Reduction of painful life and career, as they feel  vulnerable in the office.
  2. Unlimited stress does not inspire you to continue your job. So, you can decide to give up your current profession to lead stress free official life. 
  3. You will be more productive and creative if you quite your current job.
  4. You expect to find a better and more important job in the near future.
  5. You will be optimist as job seeker and you believe can go forward with new job. 
  6. If you quite your current job by getting another one, your job salary you will be increased with new job. Social position will be valued. Moreover, your family life you will gorgeous and beautiful. 
  7. Decision to quit your current occupation can create huge opportunities to relocate to enjoy life. 
  8. If you’re living with unrelieved uncertainty for your current situation, you may decide to leave and just live.
  9. By deciding to quite current job, you can start something new and work along with like-minded colleagues.
  10. Actually, if a potential job seems better, why are you testing your current boring job? 

 Cons of Quitting your Current Job:

Decision to quit your current job is very personal, and you have to take into account some disadvantages like:

  1. Quitting your current profession can reduce your income and it will be too tough to maintain you and your family.
  2. If you have a mortgage, it will put your economy at risk leaving the company without an alternative job.
  3. After quitting current job, you have no guarantee that you will find another good job soon. You will need to have reserves to live at least one year without worries. 
  4. You social status will be lost and you will need to start again- 

Remember that quitting your jobs is always a personal decision, and you will need to review your financial situation.

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