What are the Main Task of a Full – Stack Developer ?

Full-stack development is one of the most demanded jobs in the competitive IT industry. A highly paid and prestigious position with huge prospects and scope, it is what you get when you became full-stack developer. Essentially, full-stack developer is a developer who has potential experience in order to handle and manage fond end, back end and all the things needed from a website or application.

Difference Between a full – Stack Developer and a Software Engineer:

To be informed about the tasks of full-stack developer, we first need to differentiate from the tasks of a software engineer. Basically, front end and back end knowledge has been utilized and handled by the full-stack developer. On the contrary, a software engineer is just a programmer of a computer software and he or she can develop software applications which will be run on a computer. They are very expert in tier of application improvement and they test the programming languages.

Full – Stack Developer and Job Prospects: 

The demand of full-stack developer is unbelievable high right now worldwide, and its  popularity has increased day by day. Even, a full-stack developer can earn more than a typical developer in the world. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, databases and Web Storage, API design and development, back-End Architecture, MySQL, Web Application Architecture, PHP, Data structures and Basic Algorithms, Git, HTTPS and REST are highly utilized by the full-stack developer. In this era, full-stack developer’s demand has no boundaries since its prospects are unlimited remotely.

Major tasks of a Full – Stack Developer:

So many tasks are needed to do by a full – stack developer. Here is the list of common tasks of a full – stack developer:

Front-End tasks of full – Stack Developer:

  1. Front-end (CSS) structures resembling Bootstrap and Foundation 
  2. Important Web fundaments approximating JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  3. CSS preprocessors
  4. AJAX
  5. Libraries like Backbone.js and jQuery
  6. JavaScript structures similar to AngularJS, React, or ember etc., or JS-based building tools as like as Grunt, Gulp and Bower.

Back-End tasks of a full – Stack Developer

  1. Design and development of API
  2. Important CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete)
  3. Different mind-blowing services of REStful.
  4. Website fundamentals resembling CSS, Javascrip nad HTML.
  5. Handle and manage server-side languages for example: PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and.Net
  6. Full-stack developer maintains important database technologies for example: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.
  7. Their tasks to collaborate with others to make any project very successful.
  8. A full-stack developer works web server technologies for example Node.js, Apache, J2EE, Nginx, ISS and so on for the software development. 
  9. A full-stack developer’s frameworks are related to their server-side language of choice for example: Ruby on Rails, Express, CakePHP etc.  
  10. Full-stack developer has task to work as team member and test software and test also.


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